Importance of Digital Marketing and How to Start ?

First of all we understand What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a way to promote or reach to your potential customers through Digital Mediums like Google, Facebook, Twitter. Earlier brands used to market their products or services by Newspaper, Pamphlet or by organising events.

Digital Marketing different module
Digital Marketing tools name and module

Now time has changed, All the marketing techniques are being done Digitally. Most of the people in India have access to the Internet and they use Social Media, Google to get the updates about what is happening in the world. We can target our audience based on their Interest, Age, Likes, Dislikes, Hobbies, Location. So it’s easy to target them. But if we talk about the traditional techniques then we aren’t able to track or target on the Likes, Dislikes, Age, Hobbies. So Digital Marketing gives us more power.

Now let’s talk about “ How to Start ” ? 

Well, Digital Marketing is not just about learning, It’s about how to get most of it. 

Let’s assume you are running a Business(You sell Products or Services). As of now you are getting your clients or customers from the locality of your City. Now your business is limited to the people whom you know or those who live around you. Nobody knows you outside your area. So your revenue is also limited. Your reach is limited. You may be worried about the growth of your business. So you are advertising in the Newspaper, pasting Pamphlet on the roadside. But you don’t know about the results. 

Here comes Digital Marketing which lets you get the results, more reach to people based on the Interest, Hobbies, Age groups, Likes. You can get the real time data. 

Steps to Start Digital Marketing for your Business –

Hosting & Domain Name

First you need to set up a website where all the services or products will be listed in an effective way so that any visitors could understand easily. For making a website you will need a Domain Name & Hosting Services. You can buy Hosting Services from Hostinger or WPX, Both are very good, Also you will get a free Domain Name for 1 year if you buy from them and also a Free SSL Certificate. After getting both, You will have to design the website like from the dashboard you can install any suitable theme and than make some pages and post to make your website more appealing. Make new posts and new pages too.

Connect with Webmasters

Connect your website with Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Ahrefs Webmaster Tools to see the matrix of your website. You will get to know about the total Backlinks, Any issue with your pages or post , Any broken links or any other issues, so you can make some useful changes in the website. These tools are the most important for websites.

Search Engine Optimization –

Search Engine Optimization or SEO which is the very useful technique to make the website more visible on the top Google’s search result pages. In SEO, you will have to update your Website’s Title, Meta Description by targeting some keywords which is relatable to your business website. You can use Google Keyword Manager to find good keywords. Always target those keywords in your posts and pages. Also whenever you write any Blog post, always update their Title and Meta Description using the targeted keywords. It will help the google to find your website more quickly to showing in the search result pages. Also make some good backlink too within your niche on good quality and higher DA and PR websites.

Paid Ads

Advertisement is the most effective method to generate leads. Google, Facebook, Twitter and a lot of websites offers PPC(Pay Per Click) ads. You can sign up on these platforms to run Ad Campaign. You will pay only when anyone click on your ads. It means Paid Ads are very useful for all the business who wants to grow more in today’s Digital Era. Most of the companies uses the Paid Ads for their business and their client’s business to generate more leads. By creating some good catchy funnel you can drive a lot of traffic on your website. People always prefer attractive funnels and catchy lines. Also using ads you can show content to your audience based on their location, interest and age groups and hobbies. So make a strategy to run ad campaign and than make the campaign more superior according to the need of your business.

Social Media Marketing –

Now you have a website already but still you need to update about your business on social media too. As people use social media too much so it would be a good thing to connect your website with Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitter. Create your page on each social media platform and keep update about your business on these pages weekly or monthly. Social Media Marketing is must have technique to use. People use a lot social media and spend their time on the popular platforms.

Email Marketing –

Email Marketing is also a effective way to reach to your audience. People always check their mails so they don’t miss any important update. You can add a subscribe to Mail notification on your website so whoever visit your website can subscribe your mailing list. After getting some email addresses of your audience you can send them personalized emails by using Convertkit, Mailchimp and many other email marketing platforms. You will gain a large number of audience within the time. So Email Marketing is also a good technique to Use. Also never send cold emails to any user. It will impact your authenticity.

Content Marketing –

Content Marketing is the most important part of any website. Without good content we can’t boost our posts on google. So always make your content unique and easy to understandable. All the visitors always visit to those websites who have good content and also google prioritize to those websites which have good content. So always write good content for your website. Content Marketing is always give benefit to you. Wither your post reads by any user now or after 5-10 years. So generate good quality content.

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How to start Digital Marketing ?

Hi Guys,

How are you all doing?

Today I’m gonna discuss about ” How to start Digital Marketing and what should you know before starting”.

Either you are a Student, Employee, Retired, Housewife or you are into any profession but you want to make your identity in the world. If yes than Digital Marketing is for you. You just need little bit of patient, time and the most important Passion. You can start Digital Marketing without making any initial investment. Your only investment will be your time and consistency.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a way to market any products, services on the Internet using various methods. It helps to generate more revenue than the traditional marketing. It helps to target audience more specifically. In the era of digital world, Digital Marketing is the fuel of any kind of business.

Why Digital Marketing?

Earlier, There was a trend to use Pamphlet, Newspaper, Television and Radio to market any product or services. All that was traditional marketing. The main issue with traditional marketing is that we can’t target our audience specifically. But with Digital Marketing we can reach to our targeted audience more specifically by targeting their interest, their use of social media, by their Age group, what they like or want to get or want to buy. So Digital Marketing can take your business on next level where you will be getting more revenue, leads and profits.

How to Start?

First identify your Niche which is very important to start your Digital journey in this field. Choosing Niche is a very difficult task but you will have to choose a niche first. After selecting a niche. Now you have to buy a domain name and hosting plan(Not mandatory as various free platforms are also available like wordpress.com, Blogger etc.) After setting both we can now start. Just make a website and start posting.

Modules of Digital Marketing –

There’s a lot of modules in Digital Marketing which are following –

  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing(SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing(SEM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Things to be remembered while going with Digital Marketing –

  • Learn and Implement
  • Don’t procrastinate
  • Have some patience
  • Don’t think to become a overnight sensation
  • Keep consistency
  • Be updated with latest trends
  • Find new ways to connect with your audience
  • Always improve yourself.

How to Build an Empire with Marketing ?

  • What is Marketing?
  • Why do we market products and services?
  • Who can market?
  • How to identify the right strategy to market anything?

We do market ourselves, our products, services so that people can approach us, buy our products or get any type of services from us. Marketing is a way to convince our customers to help them to take decision to buy anything from us. If we don’t tell anyone about our services than how people know. So marketing starts before any product’s manufacturing